Handling Sin - A Book Review by S. Timothy Glasscock

What makes us read? What compels us to keep going, page after page? Is it realism? Character development? A topic we’re already interested in? A well-crafted turn of phrase, perhaps?

Well, all these virtues and more are effortlessly displayed in elegant polish in Michael Malone’s “Handling Sin.” At once, a book of vibrant characters, picturesque scenery, and action-packed forward motion, this novel grabs your attention in an instant and drags you helplessly, frantically, happily onward through chapter upon chapter. Malone’s cast of characters is more than believable, they’re so real you feel sad that you know it’s fiction—you want to meet them, join their adventures, attend their family reunions! It’s a real let down when the book finally has to end. But, oh, is it worth the ride!

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