Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines - April

I found lots of fun Spring and Easter tips this month and even found a new favorite magazine.

1.   Tired of the same old colored eggs? I found this tip in April's Better Homes and Gardens. Use temporary tattoo transfers! How cool is that? There are lots of temporary tattoos on both Amason and Etsy. Here are a few to check out.

2.   You have probably opened lots of traditional Christmas crackers at holiday dinners. Here are instructions from Real Simple Magazine for making Easter Crackers.

3.   I thought this was a brilliant idea from Good Housekeeping for when a clan full of grandkids come to visit. They divided two sets of bunk beds with a set of stairs instead of a ladder. You also can use double beds facing out in the lower level. If you want to see more ideas of stairs with bunkbeds just google it. There are lots of fabulous ideas.

4.  Remember I told you about a new magazine I just discovered? It's a British publication and is called Platinum.  I saw this turquoise wicker chair in it. I am definitely thinking of painting my balcony wicker this color.

5.   I have been looking for a rattan room divider to hide my washer/dryer from the rest of the kitchen. This is just what I have been looking for. I found it in another British magazine Woman's Home. You can buy it at Habitat. I also found it at Anthropologie in the U.S.

6.   The Canadian issue of Chatelaine magazine features an article about Buffy Sainte-Marie. I hadn't thought about her songs since the 1960s and 70s. She just released a new children's book and song called Hey Little Rockabye. It's about adopting a rescue puppy.

7.   I can never have too many drawers. I saw this antique piece in Sunset Magazine. I love how they pulled out a few of the drawers and put a plant in them.

8.   I couldn't resist one more Easter Egg idea. This one is from the April issue of Woman's Day. They cut little straw flowers and glued them onto the shell as hair. The facial features were cut from stickers.

9.   I ran across the idea of mini fire pits in the April 5th issue of People Magazine. Who knew? I want this for my small balcony. You can get this one from Amazon.

10. I just read about a radio station especially for Baby Boomers in the UK magazine Prima. You can listen to it on their website or can get an app from both the Apple Store and Google Play. When you read their schedule don't forget that there is a time difference.