Ten of the Most Beautiful Gardens In the World

It was hard to limit my list to ten. I easily could have made it 50. But here are 10 that are on my "must see" garden list.

1.  Keukenhoff Gardens, Lisse Netherlands - Virtual tours available 

4. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew England - Has a virtual tour.

6. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, New York - Virtual Tour Available.

7. Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, PA - Virtual Tours Available.

9. Chicago Botanic Gardens - Phone Apps Available

I have been to a few of these but would love to visit the ones I have not seen and go again to the ones I have. Let me just mention that I attended a classical music concert at night in the Versailles Gardens when I was 17 and a student studying French in Paris. It still is a memory I treasure. 

I also want to mention Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. For me, this is home. The park has many gardens including a botanical garden, Japanese garden and Conservatory of Flowers.